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The First IoT Solution For Automotive Preventive Maintenance.

Car Owner: Have your car connected & drive it worry-free with the opportunity to have it serviced/repaired at your doorstep.

Workshops: Connect your customers to your workshop and manage everything customer related from one platform. Become more efficient, get loyal customers, and grow your business' revenue.

What do we do?

With our state-of-the-art IoT device, we provide a SAAS solution for workshops that enables them to increase their revenues, customer satisfaction, loyalty, and efficiency by connecting them to their customer’s cars and providing them the needed support.

We also offer car owners the opportunity to stay connected to their cars continuously and updated about its health status. We provide them with real-time data on what needs their attention and what needs to be repaired ahead of time by connecting them to their authorized workshop, thus offering them the opportunity to drive worry-free.

Our users will also have the option to book and order any type of service, accessories, car detailing, or car wash at their doorstep.

Our ultimate goal is to save lives by reducing/eliminating vehicle accidents.

Connected WorkshopConnected FleetMy Connected Car
JINO Connectivity brings you closer to your customers – and your customers closer to your workshop.JINO Connectivity gives you a unique, real-time overview of your fleet and how the cars are being driven.A high-tech app that is ready to help you improve communication and increase customer loyalty.

Relevant Features For Your Workshop

Real-time status of your customers’ vehicles

Get a real-time overview of the technical status of your customers’ vehicles. Keep track of alarms and error codes and reach out to them as soon as a car issue occurs.

Service lifecycle automation

Automate essential parts of the service reminder lifecycle and make sure your customers are notified in the app or by e-mail at the right time. Follow-up messages, calls, and reasons for declined service can also be tracked.

Chat module

Achieve the desired customer satisfaction by being online for them. Real-time communication makes everything easier, and by using the chat module you can guarantee that your customers get help when they need it.

Marketing permissions

Running a new campaign, you’d like your customers to know about? Get an overview of which customers have given you marketing consent and send a push notification to their app informing them about your latest offers and campaigns.

Track your performance

Keep track of active vehicle alarms, customer conversations, number of unit activations, conversion rates for service reminders, and much more. All this is readily available for you on the dashboard.

Team collaboration

Connected Workshop was born with collaboration in mind. It’s simple to get an overview of who is working on what and assign responsibility to team members regarding specific conversations, vehicle alarms, and service reminders.


Save time and simplify workshop management with our available integrations to your DMS and several other IT systems.

User management

Assign roles and specific workshops to each member of your team and get a better overview of team distribution and tasks.

Activation flow

Get a hassle-free way to connect your customers to your workshop - the activation flow makes it easy to keep track of and process your customers’ activation requests.

A powerful solution for workshops with fleet customers

Take your workshop to the next level - add Connected Fleet to your workshop and give your fleet customers a tool that will benefit both of you.

Our solution includes a fleet management system and an app for fleet drivers, which you can offer as a package to your customers. The fleet management system Connected Fleet integrates with your workshop, enabling your customers to optimize their fleet and streamline communication and vehicle maintenance.

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